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Challenge Day

BBQs/Challenge Day Event will be held on October25, 2013 for Grade 10

BBQs /Challenge Day Event will be held on October 26, 2013 for Grade 11 & Grade 12

1st PSAT took place on Saturday, October 19, 2013 at ISC-Lahore

Staff Professional Development on Time Management will take place on October 26, 2013

Careers Fair will be held on November 7, 2013 at ISC-Lahore

Term1  final exams will start from

November 21  to 28



ISC-Lahore has been selected as a Green School by WWF.

ISC-Lahore welcome to new staff :

14 new staff members joined ISC-Lahore this year.

The group includes new SLC, teachers and administrative staff (exam hall and supervisors).

Orientation Week:

The orientation week for new staff member started from August 16, returning staff members joined orientation from August 19, 2013.

Orientation week will end on August 24, 2013.


Dengue awareness:

ISC-Lahore’s doctor will present a presentation during orientation week to all staff members regarding “Dengue Awareness”.

ISC-Lahore Head of Science Department has been selected for


Mr. Moazam Malik's


I have been selected by BLOSSOMS team to prepare video lesson on balancing of chemical equation. I am working on it and in touch with MIT BLOSSOMS team. My initial work is complete and by the end of next month I have to complete my video recording in virtual University.

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The 2013 Biology Quiz for Grade 10 - 2013

Every year Biology Shadow Teachers® from Grade 11 organize and host a Biology Quiz for Grade 10 Biology students. This year this event took place on Friday (15-2-3013) from 3-5 pm in the Library Hall. The Chief Guest of this function was our ever charming director, Ms. Margo Abdul-Aziz. Other guests included Dr. Richard Clark, Mr. Fayyad and many teachers from the Senior and Junior side.

The quiz turned out to be a success and a memorable experience for the students it was also a learning opportunity for individuals and it taught many how to work as a team. 

The organizers of this event included: Ali Ahmed (11SA), Faaiz Hussain (11SA), Shoar Ahmed (11SA), Michelle Naqvi (11SA), Ayesha Alvi (11SA), Sabrina Noor (11SA), Jehanzeb Khan (11LA), Abdullah Khan (11LA), Hajra Navail (11LA), Shazre Khan (11LA), Mahiya Meraj (11LA), Aminah Kosul (11LA), Zain H. Khan (11SA) and Asaif Khan (11SA). 

Ali Ahmad and his team organized the whole event brilliantly. The highlight of the event was the slide shows made by Zain Hameed (11SA) and Asaif Khan (11SA), both put in tremendous amount of work and dedication to make this event a success.

There were three rounds. The winner of each round competed in the last round. In the last round the winner of Round 1 (Omar Khan) and the winner of round 2 (Amna Hassan) were going neck-to-neck, but finally the decision was made on the basis of “best-of-three” answers.


The Winner of the 2013 Biology Quiz for Grade 10 was Amna Hassan (10LA). Second and third places went to Omar Khan (10SA) and Jannat Abuzar (10LA) respectively.


At the end Ms Margo Abdul-Aziz distributed the certificates for the winners, participants and the organizers of the event, as well as for thanking Kr. Khan - our Biology teacher, for encouraging the student for taking part in such activity.





Faaiz Hussain

Gr 11SA

Sports Day KG 1-Grade 1

The sports day of 2013 for KG1 to grade 1 started off with an overcast sky. The theme for the sports day was saving wild life. The purpose was to portray different animals with their unique abilities and their habitats. This was illustrated by the students’ representation of trees, birds, bumble bees, snakes, snake charmers, snake finders and caterpillars.

Aerobic fitness during growing years indicates good level of the muscles, bones and cardio respiratory system.  Students from SABIS are aerobically trained which helps them to exercise longer and stay healthy. The day was truly overwhelming with excellent display of dexterity by the students. The students and the Physical Education Department are truly commendable in this regard. The parents present were full of praise and were of the opinion that staying physically active makes the students academically motivated, alert and successful.



Sports day grades 2-4

The sports day for the primary section, grades 2, 3 and 4, took place amidst glorious sunshine which was equally matched by the enthusiasm of the children. Its theme was based on the cultures of Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Pakistan and the UK with the purpose of displaying various cultures, ethnicity and people around the world. Students performed regional folk dances of these countries.

All the students were dressed in traditional costumes of the countries they were representing.  It started off with an Egyptian dance performance. There was also an outstanding performance by the girls from grade 4 who performed a German bamboo dance. Pakistani culture was portrayed by girls from grade 2 who won the hearts of the audience by a beautiful cultural dance.  They carried attractive props that represented their ethnicity. The last regional folk dance was performed by girls from grade 4 who were representing the UK. Their traditional umbrella dance enthralled the audience.

Finally, the day concluded with three different types of races.  Students, staff and the parents need to be applauded for making this day a success. A sports day is a healthy addition to a school’s calendar as it really helps students learn the importance of unity, team work and sportsmanship.